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“A new era is dawning – Pointing our cameras outward… rather than inward.”

First Instagram gave us the network and ability to capture every moment of our lives with photos and filters. Now they have a new offering. Something I hope will begin a new direction for the way we capture our experiences.

The new APP is called “Hyperlapse”


What does it do?


Well, you know those incredible sped up camera shots in movies that don’t seem to bounce around much when they are moving?

This App lets you take footage like that!

Usually when videos are sped up, any movement is magnified making the video shaky and difficult to watch. The new app uses the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to create a stabilised version that gives it – as many are calling – a “real time feel”.

Usually, the equipment required to shoot video of this quality would cost you $15,000. Now, anyone with a smartphone can make their videos time-lapse into a journey of firsthand experiences.

Check out their examples:

So what does this mean?

This technology finally allows you to show your point of view in an interesting, sharable and most importantly “snackable” way.

With the 12x speed of the frames, you can walk around a music festival and hold your camera for 12 minutes. And condense it into a one minute video.

Although Instagram & Facebook have capped their uploads to 15 Second videos (3 minutes of capture time) for you to share online, the possibilities are endless and this will surely change.

Hopefully it will inspire kids to film an hour’s play in the neighbourhood, on their bikes, playing games and exploring. What a video to show your parents over dinner.

People could show their friends what a great house party they were at on Saturday night from every angle and corner of the event.

You can walk the streets of Paris for 2 hours and show your friends in 10 minutes of all the sights and experiences you encountered!

It won’t mean the death of the selfie at all… but hopefully this will make it far less interesting.

I can hear the whispers now of the conversations changing…

No longer do I hear – Look at me!

Now I hear – Look at what I did!

Well, maybe at some point in the future.

Bryce Cameron, Agency coordinator, Vizeum Melbourne