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2 Series Coupé Driving Experience


A media first for the all new BMW 2 Series Coupé; allowing Australian consumers to experience BMW’s performance credentials in both physical and virtual environments for the very first time.

Click to view: BMW 2 Series Video



New model launches are the lifeblood of car brands. It drives brand cut-through in a cluttered competitive environment; it galvanises the dealers, the press and owners. BMW issued Vizeum with some considerable challenges to launch the new badge in Australia:

  1. It was a brand new badge so model awareness was non-existent.
  2. This model is performance-oriented, and we couldn’t just claim this, we had to demonstrate our performance credentials.
  3. It was difficult to demonstrate the driving potential of our car without breaching strict advertising restrictions around showing speed/spiritedness/performance.
  4. We had big sales targets but modest campaign budget relative to deep competitor pockets, so we could only afford to engage a few people with a high sales conversion ratio.



We knew the target audience were young, go-getters in life – passionate about driving, design and performance. They were sharers of digital content, particularly if they featured in it. To this audience, performance was about the feeling, the sight, the smell, the first-hand experience in a spine-tingling way – they yearned for a deeper connection.

We developed a central insight that in order to develop a deeper connection, we had to demonstrate performance like a purist would experience it. By making it truly visceral they would really appreciate what it would be like to experience an Ultimate Driving Machine, and hopefully, invest in one or recommend it to their peers.

This idea lent itself to a branded experience as the heart of the campaign, which involved leveraging an owned asset to keep costs down. To build the experience, we started with the desired consumer responses: exclusivity, desire, skill, performance, heart-stopping thrills, personalisation and share ability. These became the campaign guideposts that shaped the media.

We put BMW’s owned asset – BMW Driving Experience – at the heart of the experience. We chose one strategic partner– Nine Entertainment Co. (NEC) – to ‘own’ the experience, bringing technical, creative and amplification expertise.

We defined the roles of media – to target highly qualified potential buyers to ensure high conversion to sales; keep them engaged leading up to the experience; empower them to get the most from the experience; enable sharing of show-off moments; amplify it to a wider audience to create desire.

Attraction & Excitement
Launched using blockbuster cinema, brand-new HBO STV programs, and premium men’s lifestyle and motoring enthusiast magazine titles.

Potential buyers selectively targeted using BMW’s database, as well as rich, online display and videos in key social, news and car portals. They were invited to register on a custom-built microsite, which provided details of the experience, interactive track layouts, video tutorials, model details, a custom configurator and BMW performance backstories. Registrants were screened for purchase price capability and social-influencer status.

Each track day, they experienced the 2 Series as it was intended (coached by racing professionals), had their experience captured on video, edited, and delivered that same afternoon. Participants could return to see new content, how others fared and download their unique invitation to test drive at their local dealership. Paid and organic amplification was secured via motoring magazine editorial, lifestyle portals and social networking sites.



We exceeded all client objectives and expectations – reach, search volume, unique visitors, registrations, engagement (time spent and interactions on microsite) and sales leads – and generated loads of earned media.

  • BMW received 444% more registrations than the 2 Series registration target and put on additional experience days.
  • 139 personalised participant videos created.
  • 88% of participants shared their video via social platforms.
  • 90% created new ancillary content on their personal social platforms to share their personal experience, talk about the car and recommend to peers.
  • Supplementary amplification of participant videos generated 2.2M total video views and 125 shares.
  • Social buzz was generated through motoring and men’s lifestyle magazines. Editorial talent on the day provided 44 posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Consumer engagement averaged 3 minutes and 26 seconds, with 2 Series microsite dwell time 113% higher than over the same period.
  • We generated 133% more enquiry than our annual target.
  • There was such a desire to experience the 2 Series, that 53% of our annual test drive target was achieved within the three month campaign period.

Key Points

“The BMW 2 Series Coupé delivers uncompromised and emotional sports coupe appeal, and is BMW performance in its purest form. By leveraging our owned assets, Vizeum has built a holistic media campaign across that will leave prospective buyers in no doubt about the quality of this Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Stuart Jaffray - Brand Communications & Marketing Services Manager - BMW Group Australia