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MINI Australia

The New Original MINI Dance Floor


How do you remind customers that MINI is all about fun, excitement, energy and individuality? Build an intuitive dance floor from 265 unique LED tiles that pays homage to the new MINI’s circular centre console.

Click to view: MINI Dance Floor Video



MINI is an iconic brand, and its heartland car is the MINI Hatch. Its distinctive design, handling characteristics, and cheeky personality are well known. It is loved by most, and owners often call it their family member.

When MINI launched the 4th generation Hatch, they had to live up to these expectations and make a BIG splash.
But there were some challenges:

• MINI’s Hatch had always been perceived as the unapologetically small car, so it had narrow appeal (buyers who don’t need practicality/space).

• Yet the Hatch carries the lion’s share of MINI’s overall sales targets, so it had to still sell more cars than ever before and do a ‘brand job’ to a broader audience.

• MINI Hatch buyers were skewing older: 63% of owners were Baby Boomers and X-Gens, yet 46% of intenders were Y-Gens.

• The premium small hatch category was becoming more emotionally-driven (e.g. Fiat’s screaming baby; Alfa’s romancing couples; Citroen’s offbeat humour) so MINI had to leverage more of its unique brand personality.

Media had to replicate the excitement of MINI ownership and it had to be seamlessly interwoven with creative to create an immersive experience that would resonate with our target audience.



Extensive consumer research gave us insights into what motivated the MINI Hatch buyer – it was not their age but their attitude; it was not the product, but the idea behind the MINI brand that resonated.

This audience wanted to belong to something meaningful – something bigger that shaped culture. They wanted to express their individuality, be authentically original, and break conventional rules. We called it their ‘inner MINI’.

Mass media would be wallpaper/background noise to them. We had to find a cool experience to get them involved in, but one that also changed the rules.

The central media idea involved creating a platform that gave this audience the freedom to express themselves and release their ‘inner MINI’.

We chose music as the platform but instead of choosing/listening/watching music (quite passive) we focused on dance as the most active expression of engaging with music. The combination of music and dance would be very expressive, highly individual and desirable, and offer rich engagement opportunities.

Vizeum, in partnership with VICE, curated and designed a unique branded experience, featuring a custom-built dance floor made from 265 LED tiles modelled on the MINI’s centre console and the MINI winged logo.

Each tile would light up based on tactile pressure from dancers’ unique movements and the bespoke soundtracks created by famous DJs, putting the dancers at the heart of the experience as they expressed their ‘inner MINI’.

MINI was front and centre – guests were greeted by the new MINI upon entry, spending time in the cars and experience its new features, recording their most audacious dance move stories on a built-in iPad, which was uploaded to Facebook to share.

As a cool momento, professional photo booths with card-making facilities gave attendees a unique MINI VIP card with their photo, giving them access to future MINI events and priority access to a MINI test drive at their local dealership.

To build social talkability of the event, we created a video clip of a dance-off on our interactive dance floor, featuring some of Australia’s most well-known dancers strutting to Anna Lunoe’s tracks, and seeded in key lifestyle channels and amplified across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media networks.



The New Original MINI Dance Floor captured the imagination of both music lovers and media, and its impact for the MINI brand well and truly transcended the events themselves.

Branded Experience

• 181,000+ video views for the hero content (video clip) and still growing.

• 2,000+ event attendees across three cities

• 204 dashboard confessional videos, viewed over 1,200 times, received 170 likes, comments and shares, reached over 83,000 people

• Over 480 Instagram photos shared (#dancemini)

• 362 MINI VIP cards created for personalised test drives

• 230 editorial/blog posts from The Age & Sydney Morning Herald and Australia’s most influential lifestyle media – Time Out, Broadsheet, The Thousands and Pedestrian

Business Success

• Organic traffic to increased 23% due to the campaign.

• Search traffic for MINI Cooper increased 28% over the campaign period, compared to the quarter prior.

• A 23% increase in organic traffic to during the campaign period.

• 5,000 new prospects to the MINI brand

• The highest number of leads generated in MINI’s history – already achieved 88% of annual targets with five months remaining.

• Monthly sales increased 107% YoY

Key Points

"The New Original MINI Dance Floor event stimulated a hive of activity on social media, generated PR coverage in some of the most coveted publications both online and offline, delivered over 5,000 new prospects to the MINI brand, drove traffic to our website and Facebook page, opened up new partnerships and most importantly provided an outlet for people to ‘release their inner MINI’. This activation has by far set the benchmark for MINI Australia.”

Gabrielle Byfield - Brand Communications Manager - MINI AUSTRALIA