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Christmas Ads

‘Tis the season and we’ve decided to look at some of the best Christmas campaigns from brands out there. Whether it’s jumping on board the ‘surprise and delight’ opportunities that this time of year brings, or just using the season to really push a feel good message that gives you those warm and fuzzy feelings, brands for as long as we can remember have been aligning themselves with Christmas. Here are just a few examples we’ve found that we find to be particularly outstanding.

1. Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry I Spent It On Myself’

Most brands get into the spirit of gift giving, and sharing the joy of buying someone else a gift. But in 2013 Harvey Nichols tapped into the part of all of us that goes through the list of things we could be buying for ourselves (I know I’m not the only one who does) with this advertising campaign. They extended in store with the ‘Sorry I Spent It On Myself’ gift range actually available to buy. The range included paper clips, toothpicks, toothbrushes and even sink plugs.


2.       Coke Zero

Whilst Coke as a brand for over 70 years has been producing seasonal Christmas ads, we have to mention Coke Zero for their Christmas sweater generator last year. Users were able to create a custom Christmas Sweater, and then vote on their favourites. The top 100 designs with the most votes were made and sent to the user that created them.



 3.       Topshop ‘Dear Topshop’ Pinterest campaign.

Last year Topshop took to social site Pinterest to create a Christmas wish list experience for users. They were asked to create Pinterest boards of their Christmas Wish Lists by browsing through categories across Topshop’s site and pinning items to their boards. These boards could then be shared across users own social networks. The store had interactive screens in their London and New York stores, where users could see what Topshop items were trending in that moment as well as allowing users to create their own boards. The top trending products were also featured on the Topshop homepage.


4.       John Lewis

UK Department store John Lewis has been creating strong Christmas TVC’s for the past few years, always with a message that they are the store to shop at for getting thoughtful gifts for loved ones. There are many to choose from, but this TVC from 2011 titles ‘The Long Wait’ particularly tugged at our heart strings.

5.       West Jet Christmas Miracle

This one in particular is a favourite of ours that we’re still showing to clients. Airline, West Jet, really tapped into the ‘Surprise and Delight’ opportunity around the Christmas season. Travellers were asked what they wanted for Christmas and… well, if you haven’t already seen it we don’t want to give away the ending.