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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well it’s getting to that time of year again, that time of year when all the tinsel and Christmas trees come out, shop owners dress their window displays with fake snow, flashing lights and more tinsel. Christmas carols sing out in the shopping malls and consumers get excited and start venturing out to the shops to conduct their Christmas shopping.

There are of course many great things that begin to happen around Christmas and the magical lead up. Things like getting together with friends and loved ones, looking at Christmas light displays, Christmas drinks and barbeques, the work Christmas party, finding that perfect gift and some of the best Christmas themed advertising campaigns.

One of the best parts of Christmas is the feeling we all get when we think of that one gift for someone that is absolutely perfect. Something we know they will love and something we know they have always wanted. Nothing is more special then when you finally get to give someone that present and witness the joy on their face as they open it up, becoming overwhelmed with surprise and excitement.

One brand by the name of John Lewis has created a great ad that speaks to this very thing and pulls at your heart strings at the same time. John Lewis, an upscale department store operating throughout Great Britain, has created a magical and simplistic campaign featuring Monty the penguin that you must see. The campaign features a two-minute festive commercial that tells the story of seven-year-old boy named Sam and his friend Monty. The boy gradually realises Monty is longing for a penguin companion and so on Christmas morning Sam surprises Monty with the gift of a new penguin friend named Mabel. Throughout the advert Monty is a CGI penguin, but at the end it is revealed to be a stuffed toy.

The campaign only launched a couple of days ago but Monty and Mabel are already a huge hit. Monty and Mabel stuffed toys were on sale from when the campaign launched in the morning and they were sold out by the afternoon. Following the stuffed toys many other Monty and Mabel penguin products became available from jewellery, bags and clothing and much more. Monty and Mabel also have their own twitter handles with 24,000 and 3,400 followers respectively.

Overall this is a great example of a great timely campaign and has already generated massive awareness with various media coverage and gaining a lot of traction with consumers. Watch it for yourself and it will no doubt make you smile, maybe cry, but overall fell joy, for Christmas is coming.

See the commercial here: