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The future of the humble living room

The future of the humble living room is evolving as an interconnected ecosystem of how audiences consume content, beyond a single screen. This cultural progression of content consumption is made possible through an array of new technological devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles, all of which provide a new interactive consumer experience. Collectively and individually, these devices have paved the way towards an evolution of the humble living room. This digitally lead, interconnected ecosystem provides users with a seamless and sophisticated experience, one that devalues the satisfaction previously obtained through a single device.


Rather, consumers have developed an appetite for using multiple devices simultaneously, where each device fulfils an individual need. The reliance on one device for gratification or relaxation has expanded this role to multiple channels, and therefore changing the norm of audience viewing habits and the user-channel relationship.


In addition to the above, Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), Catch Up TV (CUTV) and Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) platforms are further fuelling personalised consumer content experiences. Customised applications and products are providing consumers a deeper sense of engagement, and ultimately providing a richer experience beyond what was initially knowingly desired. These modern service platforms like NetFlix have provided consumers with alternate means of consuming content at their own leisurely pace (or potentially binge addiction). The likes of Seven Network will also introduce a HbbTV service, further adding a personal touch to individual content consumption.


Whilst we can agree that the launch of Free TV Plus in Australia will aid in this channel shift, it is not of certain that the old velvet recliner chair will have as much of a work out as it did previously. Nonetheless, we can hypothesise that there are further changes to be made to the living room, not only by way of the number of screens or channel agnostics, but also to the manner in which people engage with each device in its unique format as this continues to evolve across multiple screens and devices towards seamless interconnection.